If your app is pointed to --

Hi all, we’re seeing some high traffic on, and to a lesser degree, , which is impacting app performance and causing occasional dropped requests.

If you are hosting your app on a custom domain, and you have an A record pointing your domain at one of those two IP addresses, if you’re seeing issues, please update the A record to point to instead.

Sorry for the inconvenience here. We’re currently working on a project that will allow us to shift traffic around as needed without you making any changes on your end (by supporting CNAME records instead of ip addresses), but in the interim, updating manually is the best way we have of spreading the traffic out.


Yes last couple of days I got some. So thanks @josh

I’m still seeing an imbalance, so I’m going to leave this pinned for a couple days. (We don’t want everyone to switch or we’ll just get an imbalance in the other direction, but we want enough people to see this and switch to even things out)