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Iframe issue with redirection

Hello guys,

I have my app connected to Docusign via api and I am using an Iframe to display the embedded signing url. The user is now able to sign the document directly within my app. The problem is that when the user finishes the signing process and clicks “finish” Docusign redirects to the url I sent via api, but its redirecting the user inside the iframe and I get an error saying my app “the url I sent” is not responding. Is there any way to override the redirection or detect when a redirection is occurring and redirect the main page to that url?

Hello Paulo,

Have you succed in implementing docusign ?
I am struggling to to integrate the iFrame into my app and especially to authenticate.

Found and answer here: jquery - Change parent window URL from iFrame - Stack Overflow

Just drop another html code container, insert the top answer and add the ending .

Directly before the you can add text/image/other nested html element to make it fit your UI. When clicked it’ll change the parent domain.