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iFrameable CAD Need Help

So I am trying to use this FiveM Plugin that allows you to open CAD via a ingame tablet. The developer said that some bubble app cads do not work at the beginning and you must get support on how to make the app iframe’able. Since the tablet is using iframe to stream the cad onto the tablet.

I think I am able to help you message me on Discord at ViperPB#2412.

When you create any bubble app by default iFrames are not allowed however, this is insanely simple to rectify.

  1. Open the editor of the application you wish to allow Iframes in.

  2. Navigate to the settings tab ([APPNAMEHERE]&tab=tabs-6)

  3. Select “General” and locate “Privacy and Security” it should be the first thing under General.

  4. Under Privacy and Security look for “Allow to render app in a frame/iframe(X-IFrame-Options)”

  5. Go to the drop box horizontal to that text and select “Allow all Iframes” then you should be good.

I would suggest not message people on discord who neglect to provide any sense of a solution in their reply. Hope this helps you and anyone else who needed this.


how would i do it if its in Live mode because i did that but it only lets me do it in Dev mode