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Iframed form in wordpress sending only partly info to bubble backend

Hi everyone! Im running a platform for transportservices. My frontpage is built on wordpress and backend on bubble. I have iframed a form to wordpress so that customers input their information in wordpress and the information is sent to my bubble backend.
A submitted form creates a user and a tender request (meaning the ad about the transport, e.g a bed transported from A to B) BUT during last days 30% of the Tender requests falls off, so only the user is created in the backend.

  • Ive checked that we didnt deploy updates when the customers was submitting the information
  • Ive tested with multiple browsers, desktop and phone and all works for me.
  • We adjusted some questions in the form - from mandatory to non mandatory. However I cant figure out how this would have affected the outcome.

I need help troubleshooting the issue. How could I identify the problem? All help much appreciated. kind regards, Sebastian

Unfortunately I’m not aware of potential pitfalls here :frowning:

Perhaps @sridharan.s you’ve encountered a bug like this?

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