Ignore Caps for user answers

I am asking my users to answer a question. I need it so the site does not care if the user enters with caps, without or some kind of mix. It checks the answer typed in against the user saved in database.

Use: :lowercase

I have it as

How would I make it lowercase?

If you click on ‘value’ and then ‘more…’, don’t you get that option?

I have the option to format as text.

Try that and then ‘:lowercase’

what do I do from here?

@jaos.pcl it wants me to add more to the string

What’s your error message? Could you send me link to your editor?

I published a free plugin a while back called Text Similarity that may help here. It checks the level of similarity between two strings and it ignores case. If you will only accept exact matches then you probably don’t need it as you can solve your issue with what @jaos.pcl is proposing above. With the plugin however, you can set your level of match tolerance - so you could set it so that “visual programming” and “visual program” are evaluated as a match for example. I noticed from your screenshots that you are using the ‘contains’ operator rather than ‘is’ so I thought hat this may be of interest. See - https://louisbubbleplugins.bubbleapps.io/version-test/textsimilaritydemo

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Thanks! That plugin is perfect!

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