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I'll pay $50 to the first person who is able to do this

Hi everyone

I have been struggling with this for over a week to no avail. I was recommended the Orchestra plugin in a previous post, but have been unable to make it work and am not entirely sure if it is needed or not. The first person who is able to demonstrate (through reproducing it on your own app page) a way to make this work , I will pay 50 bucks US no questions asked.

Beware that it is apparently a novel thing that I am trying to achieve as exactly a bugerall number of users have been able to give me a specific solution so far.

I have a thing that has a text field (not a list of texts). What I have done as can be seen in the image below, is I have created a repeating group with such a thing’s text field as the data source:split by “.” (period). This displays that text field in segments with each segment appearing in a new cell of the repeating group. Each of these segments is a multiline input.

So far so good.

What I want to be able to do now is to be able to to edit any of those different cells/segments so that when I save a cell, two things happen:

  1. The thing’s text field changes (updates) to reflect only the changes made. I am completely unable to figure out this workflow.

  2. When changes/edits are made on a cell to cell basis, they should be bound to that cell, even after page refresh.

If you have any questions let me know. I hope someone can help and thanks in advance.


Soon as my kids are down I’m knocking this out!


Good luck mate. You’ll need it. lol


Can we get some side action going on whether or not he can pull it off? :wink:


Unless you have kids of your own who need to be put to bed, maybe you can beat him to it lol


Pretty easy fix if I’m not mistaken.

Just bring the items in prior.

On page load pull from orchestra, use an API workflow on a list (orchestra response split by “.”),

api workflow will be create a new (item)

The RG list will be the item type created

The text will actually be an input box that uses auto binding.


Thanks Chris. Hopefully this works. I am going to wait until Jared or someone else is able to demonstrate it though so that I can copy the workflows (I am not an advanced user).

So the payment challenge is still open.

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That should walk you through it, I don’t have orchestra so I just used paragraph but same concept.


Hey Chris

Thanks man. I am going to try to reproduce what you did but unless I am mistaken, one of the things I am trying to do was left out. I see you’ve managed to segment the texts and you’ve also managed to allow the user to edit those segments. But does it also achieve this:

The original whole piece of text will be a field right. So I want whatever edits are made in those cells to update that original block of text. Did I maybe miss this part in the video?

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You can just append the list to eachother. I’ll toss a demo for that part

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Please do man. And you can DM me your bank details.

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Not gonna lie… I am not smart enough to understand @chris.williamson1996 solution. :slight_smile:

I was playing around, and if I understand what you are trying to accomplish, I think I got something to work. I have a field called text on the User data type, and I have a save icon in the repeating group. The workflow for the save icon looks like this…

Oh, and the find & replace on the multiline input’s value finds a period and replaces it with nothing, which seemed to be necessary so as not to create a blank line in the repeating group.

Anyway, I’m sure Chris’ solution is the way to go, but like I said, I think what I have here does what you described, so I didn’t think it could hurt to throw it out there.



Holy cow man it looks like this works too. And it also appears to bind the inputs. Thanks a lot. You guys have given me 2 solutions to play around with. I am gonna offer a runner up prize of 25 bucks to you Mike lol. You can DM me your details.

And Chris i’ll be waiting on that second demo bro.

It may be easy stuff for you guys but its worth a lot to me as I was really struggling with this so I do appreciate it.


It’s on the house, my friend.

@jared.gibb, that’s what you get for having kids. :slight_smile:


same here! I love my kids so i wont hold this against them. :rofl:


Mighty generous of you. Now let me see what Jared brought to the table


Hey Jared. Thanks man. Like your app name btw. Your solution looks like it works on the video but when I tried editing the segments on your app and refreshed, all segments except one disappeared

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I have a feeling that more than 1 person was updating this at the same time. this may not work for situations that 2 people would be editing the same thing. those damned race conditions that bubble isnt prepared for screws stuff like this up.

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aha that makes sense. In my use case it will be restricted to one user though. Does your solution use the same method Chris used?

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i dont think so. mines all done on the front end using the orchestra plugin and custom states

i do keep seeing weird stuff though where everything is being deleted. idk if someone is messing with it but feel free to copy it over to an app. i just opened it up so you can check it out

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