I'm a noob. Help create create custom search box please

Got it. There is two methods I use to achieve this.

Method 1:
i - Create a page state of type text.
ii - Set the ‘Default value’ of you input field to be this page state.
iii - When the repeating group cell is clicked, set the page state to that cells text value and reset relevant inputs

Method 2:
i - Create an align to parent group and inside this group place an input. Now place another group that completely covers the input… let’s call it this input mask. Inside the input mask create a text. field.
ii - Create a workflow so that when the input mask is clicked, you set focus to your input. When a repeating group entry is clicked, display the data in the input mask. When the input mask is clicked when it has data, reset the groups data to be empty.

The demo app for my plugin actually shows something like this this in action for the dropdown component I made. This field does not use a plugin.

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