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I'm Freelancing Again! Lets Make It Happen

How does this even make sense? Even If you go to a conventional programmer, they too will usually ask you to pay upfront (depending on the payment model - hourly vs full payment), simply because when it comes to programming, you are not just paying for the finished product, but also the time it takes to create it. It’s up to you to make a decision on what programmer (whether freelancer or agency) to use. I’d advise you to use one that has a transparent and extensive portfolio to give you an idea of what they are capable of. Alternatively, you can choose from a list of Bubble certified agencies via the page.

Hi Daryl,

This is the way client/freelancer relationships work. The reason being is that it takes a lot of work which requires payment, it is not fair to do all the work, then on delivery the client says they changed their mind or they ran out of money - you’d be surprised by how often this happens in the creative industry.

If you choose a reputable freelancer, then you’ll get a contract of the deliverables and usually there is a 50:50 payment split, 50% upfront 50% on delivery. If you find someone willing to work in another way and do all the work without any payment committal, I’d find that more suspicious.

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As a few others have mentioned, having a fee up front is pretty commonplace. I charge a fee up front, then break the proposal into phases. Each phase has a dollar figure tied to it for delivery. If you don’t pay me for the phase I just finished, I don’t do any more work.

When I was doing a bunch of freelancing, I had non-payment situations than I expected and quickly realized it was my fault for being too trusting. As they say, good contracts make good engagements. Or something like that.


Thanks JB. The agency link helps. I posted for freelance job and I get like 10 offers. More than 3 of them say they are freelance and their email links back to a website of a company. But all 3 of them says they are freelance and only want to communicate by Skype or email

Some sent website reference that were dead links then said the website was under maintenance. Many other dodgy ones but I am sure some are legit. This leads me to be too cautious to a point that I don’t know who to trust

Contract doesn’t really help as I am located in Thailand and once money to send online overseas. It’s gone

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To be honest you’re doing the right thing. You have to be cautious because there are a lot of scam artists out there (not just within Bubble) hence why I’ve suggested the above.


Also you can check them out on this forum too. Make sure they are active here and have helped others. You can get someone that cares about their reputation here and have a better chance with them.

If you haven’t seen them communicate to others well, or at all, on the forum then I would be careful. Sometimes all you see are their messages saying they want work and their responses are simple and copied and pasted. No real communication skills.

I always check the freelancers work. Click on the buttons on their website. See if everything works. Sometimes they just use a free template and say they did the work.


It’s pretty easy to tell the reputable freelancers vs, like @J805 said, the ones who just copy and paste the same response to a freelance inquiry.

Ask to see a portfolio, ask to see/hear about their development process, etc. If they are eager to start the project and aren’t willing to go over those things with you, then they are probably scamming you.

And most importantly, check their bubble forum activity. I don’t think you’ll ever run into a ‘scamming’ issue with a freelancer who spends a lot of time on this forum (asking questions and providing answers)… since it shows they care about Bubble.




Hi, I’ve developed my app on bubble but I do need help to make small adjustments (and make some fee calculation using math.js). Can you assist me with that?

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Sure thing! I’ll PM you

@help Hi reece, I’d love to connect and hear more about your Bubble freelancing. Can you pm me?

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Hi @ChrisField are you interested in a Bubble freelancer to help you build something or just spamming for leads to sell your marketing automation system?


Whoa @Kfawcett, definitely not spamming for leads, but thanks for asking.

I’m going to hire someone to help me build out a simple web app that includes a Google Maps api and text input forms.

If you know of anyone, please tag them. If you think I’m trying to sell something, you are mistaken. That sounds like a dbag move to me.


Awesome, welcome to Bubble! You might get more interested developers if you create a new post in the freelance section and explain what you’re wanting built.

You could also look here

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Awesome! I will take you up on the advice and create a new post… As well as checking out the agencies.
Thanks for the help.

please have a look at Looking for Bubble expert for app that connects with Asana & Trello if you have the time. Should be fairly simple project to setup.


@help Hi Reece, I have been working on my project and would like to get help. Can you please pm me so we can have an initial talk?
The project is is two sided marketplace type of app, I am done for the supplier side of it, and I need an experienced developer to put together the concept in my mind for the other side, I think 10 min skype would be enough to show you what I need.

Sure I’ll pm you

Hi recee , i hope you are doing great , i don’t know if you still offer this service or not , Also i don’t know if you can do this feature or plugin , but i hope so , i want to download group as a png image , this group contains : " TEXT + IMAGE " , by the way there is already plugin called “Anything to image” plugin with a price 30$ , but the developer nor reply to his messages, the plugin needs 2 actions in the work flow and not download the group directly, also it doesn’t not support arabic language !
Looking Forward to hear from you
Best Regards