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I'm having issues with creating a button that links to a website that I created

I created a landing page with a call to action button. However I want to create a workflow, so when the button is clicked, it then redirects to a specific website. Could someone please explain the steps of the workflow to do this and input the url for the website. Many thanks.

If the page is an app’s page, choose 1st.
If the page is for another site, choose 4th.


Bear in mind that the workflow triggered link will redirect the current browser tab, not open up a new one. As that might well get blocked as a pop-up.

If you want a new tab, use the “Link” element instead.


Hi I just encountered this problem. However i want the button to be a CALL TO ACTION, so the user types in their name and email address and clicks the button. I then want the, external website link to open straight after. Could you please help with this?