I'm looking for a better workaround

Hello folks;

I have been talking to the Bubble support team for a while, but it seems that there will be no quick results. I think this is a bug, but the team calls it a request.

The Tinder Pile plugin, which opens a bit of trouble for everyone who uses it, cannot update its list without refreshing the page. I could not do this with conditions or exceptions.

So I created an RG and prepared the data source of the Pile plugin as a list of this RG. The problem persists, although the list of RG appears to be what I want in the debugger, the Pile plugin still wants page refresh.

I went to an operation in my database and rearranged the data to do all the filtering with a single list. In this way, I have created a list that works the way I want without using any conditions or anything else. I used the data source on the plugin, but it downloads a lot more data than it should, and it takes a lot of time for the app to work stably.

I turned back to RG and the bad thing started here was that it was pulling more data on the RGs (this is an interesting situation, RG doesn’t always pull the same amount of data, sometimes much more is needed. (I’m not talking about layout style)

And when the user wants to filter anything still need to refresh the page. I also wanted to use the items from / items until option to prevent RG from pulling out too much data, and guess what? The page needs to be refreshed.

In short, I want to respond to the user’s needs without refreshing the page.

I had to use the following workflows for this. Aside from creating dozens of workflows that I don’t need, it also worsens the user experience.

All of the workflows in the red box are for data restriction and filtering only.

I can refresh the plugin’s data with the last action, but of course this is not what I want.

At the moment, my users have an experience as you will watch in the gif below.


After 330+ users, they come back with feedback that they don’t like these workarounds. Actually, they are right.

Bubble’s masters! I look forward to hearing your opinions.

Thank you;