I'm looking for a DOJ style CAD to purchase my budget is $150 USD

Hey I’m looking for a DOJ style CAD/MDT to buy if you have or know of a CAD DM Respond code 3#3078

I can help you help you here is my discord KING_ELLARD_1#3603

If you need a cad/mdt go to this discord at https://discord.gg/qVjt5we. Join that and we can talk.

Email me at [email protected] - I have also DMed you.

Our CAD’S are selling for lenux- $70 - In-Game /911 /panic, Change of 10 Codes, Change of Dept. Pictures, a development feedback and the layouts are completely changedalso comes with backend https://discord.gg/J72w9YZ

Unaware if you still need one, but I have sent you a friend request on discord. TheIammadmatt#3805

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