I'm Looking For A Fee CAD/MDT

Does anyone have/ know of a free CAD/MDT? It would help out a lot.

Hey there @266teepledaniel, here are some links you can check out!




https://gen-cad.com/ (48 hour trial period)

Innovative Solutions™️


Innovative Solutions™️ has had a rough start towards 2020,
IS™️ was founded on March 25th, 2020 by Adam C.
After all that we have been through, IS™️ is still standing strong and, Innovative Solutions™️ is here dedicating to proudly offer you advanced quality products with 24/7 reliable customer support.

Here at Innovative Solutions™️ we’re committed to offering you a variety of products that will fit the needs for your roleplay community. We have expectations and we uphold the trust of our customer’s wishes!
We are very careful about who we accept onto our staff team so we could provide the best experience and customer service to our customers!
We already knew you were going to ask, yes we do have a FreeCAD system that takes only minutes to set up. Simply join our discord server and create a ticket to get started.

:tada: Occasional Giveaways & Other Giveaway Draws

:busts_in_silhouette: Highly Trained Staff Team with respectful qualities

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Innovative Solutions™️ Provides:

:computer: Quality CAD/MDT’S

:tada: Server Events

741688361978167318 Fast & Reliable Customer Support

:level_slider: Activity Rewards

:robot: Discord Bots + Hosting

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741687308688031834 MUCH MORE!
We offer a free cad system for everyone to use to make your roleplay experience even better if you cannot afford a CAD System yourself!

DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/nESBryZ

This is not an advertisement this is simply a convenient way to help find out about what we’re giving out for free as well as a description of our company.
FreeCAD Features:

Panic Button
Home Screen
Sub Divisions
Patrol Map
Account Panel
Customize 10 Codes
Customize AOP
Management Panel
Announcements System
911 System
Role Manager
Call Type Manager
CAD Button Manager
Server Status
Customize Weapons
Customize Vehicle
Ticket Stats
Warrant Stats
Arrests Stats
Re Edit Address


Is the FreeCAD really free, is there any hidden charges?
Yes, FreeCAD is 100% free and yours to claim right now!

Is FreeCAD Frontend, Backend or Reseller?
FreeCAD is offered backend, free of charge! So you can edit and customize the CAD as much as you want! (Please note we are not responsible for products that are broken backend by the consumer.)

Do you offer any other products? Is there anything else to do at Innovative Solutions?
We offer a plentiful variety of products, as well as giveaways that include but are not limited to Discord Nitro, Discounts, Premium Products, and much more. There are also several bots to make socializing on our sever more fun! We also offer partnerships so that you can advertise your roleplay server, company, or any other discord server that complies with our partnership guidelines for everyone at Innovative Solutions to see!

We are currently looking for Alpha Testers for MiraiCAD before we release it! If you’re interested, make sure to join our discord server and create a ticket. All Alpha Testers will be rewarded with the Mirai Starter Plan for FREE! MiraiCAD is the new, revolutionary, and innovative online CVC roleplaying system.

MiraiCAD: https://miraicad.us ( Note: You need the Alpha-Tester password to access the website until release )

MiraiCAD ( v1.0.67 ) Alpha | Preview