I'm looking for a partner─ (* `∀´ *) の 亻!

Hello everyone, I have an idea, I want to make him real, but because one person can’t complete it in the shortest time, and I myself are not familiar with building a platform to complete the entire plan alone, so I I need to find a cooperative partner who builds together sincerely. First of all, the condition of the partner I want to find is that it is not for the benefit of the early stage, and can talk about teamwork. Don’t be alone, not Stallone, and have an entrepreneurial spirit. About my project is a For projects like Facebook, how do you want to build and what are the characteristics? These will wait for you to decide to join my team. After the announcement, the number of partners I want is, if you are already familiar with bubbles and can be independent and complete Any two project people, half or more of the learning experience in the environment, but not enough to complete the project independently, you need four people, that is, if you are familiar with all the bubble construction methods, plus my total number is only three, if You are half experience and half learner plus 5 in total

Do you have any more details on the project?

Not too much, only I think the core

still looking for partners?