I'm new, curious, and need help

Hello Brains trust,

I am trying to build an app with a ring sizer in it. These apps commonly have a circle that the user can put a physical actual ring on the screen of their phone or ipad, and then a slider to move the circle in and out in concentric circles until the ring on the app matches the persons (physical) ring that they have placed on the phone or ipad. The purpose of the app is for clients of online jewellery businesses to be able to order the right size.
There are a few of these apps out there so I know it can be done, but as I’m new to app building not sure if this is beyond my capabilities and whether there is anyone out there that could use the job.

Moved to need help. Since this would require some calculations I would suggest @AliFarahat or @lottemint.md

thank you :slight_smile:

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