I'm new here and confused!

I’m trying to create a website that will allow the public to freely use my tool for a specific purpose.

What I want it to do:
Users should be able to select their criteria from checkboxes and the data will populate a list of all the items in the system that meet ALL the criteria, in order to narrow down results to optimum results.

For example:
If the data set is a list of job applicants and the programs they are all proficient in, by selecting the programs you want your ideal job applicant to be proficient in, you’ll find your ideal candidate(s).

So the data set can look something like this:

The user would see a full list of applicants and as they narrow down their search, names will disappear from the list. So if you check the boxes for “TYPES FAST” and “WORD”, the list would narrow to Benjamin, Ethan, and Herbert because they are the only applicants who have BOTH proficiencies.


The problem:
I’m not understanding these “Data Types,” “App Data,” and “Option Sets” things and I see how to add check boxes to my page, but not how or where to print the data results based on those check box clicks.

I’m also wondering if there’s a way for the User to choose between the results displaying as a table or as a list, and if they choose table view to have columns hide as checkboxes are unselected, which in turn would hide rows that no longer meet the criteria.

I’m really knew to this whole thing and having a heck of a time with it but would really like to learn how to do it!

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I’m not an expert, but I would try to approach having a “list of skills” inside each user, and adding these skills in this field.

So, to create these skills you have 2 options, creating it as “Option set”, or creating it as “Data type”

Option set is like a “fixed” database, it’s written into your code (if I’m not mistaken)…
So maybe for Option sets it would be good to have a option set called “Skills” and add “powerpoint” “word” “excel” “photoshop”, etc
BUT if you may change these skills often, you shouldn’t use it as option set, use it as database instead

If you opt by using a Data type, you should go to your app → Data type → New type (at the bottom) → write “Skill” and press “Create” (Make sure to disable the option “make this data type private by default”)

In your User’s Data type, you should “Create a new field” (right side of the screen) → Create it as a type “Skill” and mark “This field is a list”

Workflows/ Searches:
Basically, you will add a “Skill” to your User’s skills
When you search, you should add a STATE with the skills you want to narrow down, and search with → Do a search (Users) (User skills ‘contains list’ ‘state skills’)

I think this should do the trick with a fast search

Now, for showing it in a table, I’m not sure because I still use the “old responsive” engine, and things have changed a bit haha

Thanks! I haven’t had a chance to play around with it, but I’ll see if any of that works for what I’m trying to do. :slight_smile:

Go do the Bubble Lessons and the Crash Courses videos.


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