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I'm newbie need help with the API endpoint please :)

I wanted the endpoint to return a data without input. This is the Workflow.

I’m using this url “

for retrieving the data from other website but the URL gives me an error

Are you trying to call a Workflow called get_eth ?

In which case you want /wf/ instead of /obj/ as /obj’ reads a thing.

Although get_eth doesn’t appear to exist, have you set the security on the API ?

yes I’m calling get_eth, i want to output a text without any input. Is that possible?

No reason why not.

can you check my bubble cause it’s not working

You need to make it public, as I don’t have access.

On the settings it says everyone can view.

also this is the error if I use wf -

I am trying to build an API only, without frontend. I want another website to pull the text from the workflow


thats weird, let me try another browser

For Testing APIs. …

Is really useful.


Hello Nigel, is it possible to just pull a data from it without input of object?

I’m trying it on this form

but gives me 405 error.

405 is method not allowed, so that is doing a GET not a POST which doesn’t work with Bubble.

Oh, so I guess I can’t use bubble on the website i am using

What is the site ? Maybe there is another way., it’s a programmable ticker, what I want to accomplish is to pull the price from api. I want to use bubble to translate the coinmarket api into LaMetric format