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I'm offering Bubble mentoring (low cost) (20€~$24/Hour)

Due to popular request, I’ve setup a comissions plan for helping everyone in need of Bubble advice and mentoring !
Stuck on a roadblock while trying to build an app?
Wondering what’s the best way to achieve your app goals?

Let me help! I’ll arrange for a video meeting with you and help you achieve your Bubble goals!


:clap: I love the idea.

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Thank you @rico.trevisan !
Through my work as a plugin developer, I frequently get people emailing me saying they need help with one of my plugins and then I come to the conclusion that they really need help about using Bubble, not my plugin.
This is my way to help because I understood that something that’s simple to me is actually a big obstacle in another’s development process .


This :raised_hands: good for you @joao1997domingues

I was having the same thought and is why I put together one for myself recently!


Nice ! This is what a healthy community looks like :smiley:


Olá, você saberia como conectar banco de dados bubble ao Power BI para montagem de dashboard?


Olá! Sim claro ! Pode enviar mensagem privada :smiley:

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Kudos on this @jared.gibb :+1:t2:

Great documentation is helpful but I think dealing directly with the plugin developer is awesome!


Yes but I still don’t charge for plugin related inquiries, this plan is for mentoring related to building an app on Bubble :smiley:


I would hope people aren’t doing this. I’m hoping people only use my offer as a way to just not have to do build the calendar themselves or other parts of their app as you are offering. I’d have to sell my plugins first :laughing:

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Assisted Learning (this mentoring service) is now listed on Bubble’s Community Resources !
Thanks @eve !

I hired João’s consulting service,
and solve my Bubble with Power Bi integration issue.

I recommend it to everyone who is having difficulty with the tool and who need to leverage development.


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Contratei o serviço de consultória do João,
e resolvir meu problema de integração do Bubble com o Power Bi.

Recomendo a todos que estão com dificuldade na ferramenta e que precisem alavancar o desenvolvimento.


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Thank you @fernando.veras ! Glad I helped :smiley:
Obrigado Fernando ! Fico feliz em ajudar :smiley:

just want to comment,
very cool you offer this.

But what a disgrace that someone decided to flag this!?
i have emailed bubble to sort this. Sorry for you that this happened!


I happened to notice it got flagged yesterday or the day before after OP had edited their last comment a dozen or so times in two days in order to keep popping it to the top of the stack, and now they are doing it again. So, just one person’s opinion, but it doesn’t surprise me that it is getting flagged. I’m sure the moderators will sort it out, though.


Thanks @TipLister you understand what I’m doing here: helping people in the fairest way possible.

You are right Mike, I was warned by the staff that this is not allowed behaviour and I now understand why, my intentions were not bad at all and I apoligize for any inconvenience to the community.
Happy Bubbling !