Im selling cheap cads

Im selling cheap cads, $5-$10 range, i have a variety of different products including but not limited to: Air Traffic Cad, Report System, FTO System, Blacklist System. i have quite a few cads to offer, best seller is a 15 department cad. if your interested in purchasing drop a discord or email. for discord make sure to include the #0000 With your numbers.

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Hey my discord is Cayden#1260 and I’m interested in buying a cad for my FiveM server. Obviously I’d like to see proof that you have a cad but other than that I’d be glad to pay.

Hello kamakahilinai,
Mercury has a great amount of cads and great prices our lowest price is $3.50 and the max is $20 and we only do reseller cads and we do lots of sales and giveaways sometimes so if you would like to join here is our link.