I'm struggling to understand responsive column settings

How do you adjust columns with bubble, I have attached a video down below, attempting to solve my issue, however the columns aren’t taking effect, your help would be truly appreciated.

Responsiveness is a struggle to understand and it takes some time playing around and figuring it out. There are a lot of useful videos and tutorials produced by Bubble and other users out there that you can find searching the forum, looking at the Bubble Academy lessons and youtube.

What you are showing in your video is a misunderstanding of that %…the percentage is a percentage of the groups original width as set in the main design editor that the group will not be allowed to shrink less than.

So if you have a group original set up in the design editor with a 1000px width and then set the minimum width to 25% the group will never be allowed to shrink below 250px (25% of the original 1000px)

Setting the minimum width percentage value doesn’t change that groups size to that percentage of the original value. It only tells Bubble to not allow the group to be any smaller than the minimum width set.

Damn, I guess I will keep playing around with it.

This is a great watch > How To Do Responsive Design in Bubble with Gregory John

Long but I am sure it will be worth your while :+1:

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Damn that is long I will def watch if for sure.

This vid should be considered essential watching for those new to Bubble…good share!

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