I'm trying to make a news grid

Hi, I wonder if anyone could put me in the right direction here.

I’m working on a news front section of an app, and I’m trying to achieve something similar to the image below:

My questions:

  1. Is it better to populate a repeating group in this case or would you use a table?
    (or is this a potato/potato situation?)

  2. The admins of the application will be able to post news stories on the backend, and the result should be shown as in the image above. I know by experience that people will upload images in different formats (landscape, square etc). Is there a way to format (crop) the uploaded images so that they are presented in a consistent way (again, as in the image above).

Thanks :blush:

Repeating Group is the right way to go. :sunny:

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Hi @rudibakken

Just like @Xtine mentions - go for a RG. The Table element is still in beta and a RG gives you more freedom.

To answer your other question, sure you can either integrate a third party yourself or simply add :processed with imgix at the end of your expression and check the cropping checkbox

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Allright then, thank you @Xtine and @oliviercoolen I will give it a try :blush:

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for your second question, you can always use the croppie plugin to crop AND compress images. You need to compress images if you plan on having a selection of stories.

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