Image compression and resize

Do Bubble apply a compression and downscale to a maximum resolution the pictures we upload to be stored in an image field of app data?

Also, how to download the image on database on its maximum resolution? The only way I figured out to retrieve an image is saving the picture when they are shown on a page.

yes, we use imgix, but we only do this for display, not for upload. What you download is the original image.


Awesome. And how do I create a function to download the original file?

Just use a link and the URL of the link is the file.

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Much easier than I thought! Thanks for the fast reply.

Is there any way to resize an image to a specific height and width?

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I use this tool to compress my images…

You should give a try to the ImagePro plugin. You can crop, compress and upload your images on Bubble or an external storage service. Very efficient plugin, it has been a game changer for my app.