Image Cropper - New Plugin


Did you run the “Get Cropped Image” action first? This does the actual cropping.

I’ll see if I can add a reset action to the Cropper

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I have to check, don’t remember to be honest. I can’t right now, but as soon as I can I’ll get back to you!

Many thanks! It’s really if interest as I use this plugin to get my users adjusting their photo. But it may appear that during this process, they change their mind and want to change the photo, and currently it’s not possible without a full reload of the page, and that’s breaking the workflow (because they attach info to these photos, before submitting them)


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@Christophe_HK You could save the original image that the user had, to a custom state. Then you can run the run the action “Set Source ImageCropper”. This action basically resets the cropper, and puts another image in it.

Does this work?

I was testing in your example editor and looking at the file manager to test the size of the cropped file.

Looks like the cropped file comes out to be larger than the uploaded image.

Screen Shot 2020-11-08 at 4.13.10 PM

Any idea why this happens or how to make sure the cropped image doesn’t go beyond a certain file size limit in terms of KB or MB?


I’m facing a problem with the image cropper plugin.

If the source image is a square image, and the ratio parameter is set to 1, I don’t succeed in getting the whole image “not cropped”, even if the image size is below the max width/lenght.

Could you please me know which settings could apply to get the initial image not cropped ? Then using input, users will be able to crop it. But at the begining, i would need to get the whole image, without any cropped part…

Many thanks for your help ! :pray:

Sorry, I’ll look more into this and try to grab more details/fixes. I believe it’s likely because I’m converting the image to a PNG, which in general has a larger file size.

You can actually set the max width or height in pixels on the “Get Cropped Image” workflow, which will allow you change the resolution to decrease the file size.

I’m not sure I understand your question completely, but I think this is what your asking. You can access the intial image not cropped using the Cropper elements “Original Image” State image

If this doesn’t solve your problem, please DM me. Sending a video of your issue helps.

Sorry yes, in fact I would like to get any image displayed entirely in the image cropper element, but I tried lot of parameters and I don’t succeed… At first load, the initial image is always cropped.

Did you try the other Cropper Styles? Style 3 will show what parts of the image will fit in the element size, and 0,1,2 will make sure all of the images content fit in the Cropper.


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Many thanks @steven.junio91 and sorry for the question … Indeed, style 2 is perfectly perfect!

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Hi @steven.junio91 - does the image cropper work on files I’ve set as set as upload as a private file? Since I changed the upload file to mark it as private, the user can’t save the cropped image and shows an error.

Is there an ability to enforce minimal input dimensions (like 800*600) and file size (<4 mb)? Also, any plan for jpeg output image?

Any possibility that the crop box stays static and is a fixed size, but you in effect move and size the image itself behind the crop box?

/edit - also can you comment on the Plugin page reviews? They are a bit negative…

I’ve found you can zoom the image within the crop box. You can also put the mouse on different points in the crop box to zoom in/out on that particular spot. As far as a crop box static size, you can turn off the resizing option, though the demo lets me click outside of the box which, then, allows me to resize - I know, not what you want.

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On upload, I’m finding some photo’s are grainy. This is even before I crop.
I know zooming can make this worse. Any setting or best practices that would help with that?
I’m using style 1, AR 1.78, max output width 800, max output height 450.

Hi @lameyer90 @steven.junio91

I think i’m stuck with the similar issue. the similar prompt appears only 1st time we upload, but when i upload it 2nd time without refresh, it works without this prompt.
Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 18.04.06

Do you know how we can fix it? The below is the related workflow.

And you may watch the video to get the issue.

thank you in advance!

Hi yes,

Sorry I haven’t set this up to work with private file types yet.

I can probably set this up to enforce minimal input dimensions. Will take a bit but it’s in the pipeline. As far has the Image output, I’m not confident I can do this quite yet. Will look into it.

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