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Image Cropper - New Plugin

Not likely that I’ll be able to set this up. But I’ll look into this.

Yes I replied to them. Quite negative. I’m believe there is a a lot of friction with the setup of the plugin. It’s not as straightforward as others, because I chose to allow for uploading the photo on demand. A simpler way to go about this would be to just have one action that crops & uploads in the same action. But that also would reduce the flexibility for advanced usage.

I’ll look into ways of simplifying this without reducing the flexibility.

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Hi @lameyer90 @steven.junio91
Do you have any idea?..


I tried to replicate this, and it seems like a solution that might work is to “pause before next action” for 200ms or so. See the way I set it up here:

Another solution could be just setting the Dynamic Image of the cropper to be the pictureUploaders value

I think what’s happening in your case is because of the popup. The cropper element is not loading in time for the image source to be setup.

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thank you very much! the 1st way works!

Just another minor question. is it possible to make the imagecropper A’s size and blue square size to be same, and the circle cropper area will be fully fit with the imagecropper?
now as you can see, the circle is smaller than image cropper itself…
Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 15.27.54

@steven.junio91 hi mate, I was just wondering, could this plugin be used to generate thumbnails? This would be what I’d be after

I’d like a user to upload an image then use your plugin to generate a thumbnail (preferably 1:1 aspect). Then on the homepage we have a repeating group (this is where the thumbnails would be displayed) and when they click on the thumbnail it would then pop up and show the original image.

Hi folks,

Do you know if it is possible to add a reset option?
I tried to use the “set source” option without fulfill the dynamical image to reset my cropper but I get an error when I test my app… or there is a trick I didn’t find.

Thks for your help :pray: :pray:

This might be possible. I’ll look into it.

For sure. You’d just want to have 2 data fields. Original Image, Cropped image. Display the Cropped image in your repeating group, and the original image in a popup. Should be simple setup

What about the image name? I could be mistaken but your plugin only generates an image name of “cropped image” if im correct?

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Hi @steven.junio91 any update on this?

Hi @steven.junio91 !
Do you think you can do something about a reset option?
Thks :wink:

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Were you able to see about implementing this:

“ I need Cropper to start with a height, width and position in the image, I am generating several crop of the same image, and I need to automate this so that I can, make an AxB size crop in the X / Y position and then do another crop beside, how can I do this with this plugin?”

I need to save up to 16 crops of the same image, so I need the ability to store dimensions and x/y position to database.

Hey checking to see if any progress has been done on resetting the cropper? I also have a use case where a customer may want to change the photo they’ve added. Thanks!

Hi @steven.junio91

When I load a dynamic image (Set Source) and crop it (Get Cropped Image), I get an error message “failed to execute ‘toDataUrl’ on ‘HTMLCanvasElement’”.
But when i use a hardcoded image link then the cropping works fine.

Do you know how I can fix this error?


Hi everyone, great plugin.
But I only need to resize the photo. Tell me how to put the crop frame on the borders of the photo (so that the user does not move it himself)? Can someone help with this issue?

I was so happy to find this plug in as it’s exactly what I needed : a mobile friendly cropper allowing to force the height and length.

Got it to work on Desktop eventhough it’s throwing this error when running the “set source” element action.

The plugin Image Cropper / action Set Source a Image Cropper threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting ‘src’)
at eval (PLUGIN_Image-Cropper-element_action–Image-Cropper-Set-Source-.js:5:32)

But sadly not working at on mobile (tried Chrome and Safari) on iphone. It takes a long time to show, and then loads a black window.

Help ?