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Image Hosting Required For This?

I have a downloaded pack of small flag icons that will be displayed dynamically based on a user selection.


How can I import these images so that I can use them in the app?

I was able to successfully upload using the upload CSV option:

Here is what I did:

  1. Create a new object type called Flag and give it two properties : Name (text) Flag (image)

  2. I used these resources and excel to create a list of Countries and their flag image URL

    my formula in excel basically used the two digit country code to build the url dynamically

    For example Albania’s two digit country code is al so the formula creates this url

  1. Once you get that save it out as a CSV so that it looks something like this in notepad:

  1. Then go back to your data section and use the csv upload

Be sure to go through the three steps (click on 1 to map the fields and then 2 to validate and 3 to upload)

This solution uses someone else’s images rather that what you have mentioned. If you want to use the images that you mentioned:

  1. make sure the flags are named using the country name or country code (ideally).
  2. Upload the images to an external-facing public location

and use the same idea to build out URLs to the images.

How can I get these images pushed from my personal server to Amazon S3 by Bubble in bulk?

If someone can list out the steps from support this would help. Been trying to get this one done for days.

you can use a change thing action in an API workflow and use the save to s3 option on the workflow thing. If one field as a type image, you’ll be able to change the thing, create a new field for the current workflow thing being original image:saved to S3

The flags have been imported to this test app here:

Can you please set up the workflow so that I can execute it (and learn how to use this function)?

I’m still lost for some reason. Thanks

Can you try setting somethings up first and users modify it?

I have already done so as mentioned above.

I have created a test application, imported the images, but just need to know how to “push them to s3” by using an API workflow.

There is no documentation on this anywhere.

The flags have been imported to this test app here:

I don’t see any API workflow in this app.

You are right.

Because I can’t seem to figure this one out and how to set it up.

If it can be set up but not run then I can understand on my own how to change and push these to s3.

All that has been done is thing has been created and images have been imported by url.

Can you try using this? If you try, then it’s easier to help on something that exists.

I’ve tried that. I’m not even sure if I’m in the right place trying to set it up is the problem. There is no documentation that explains api work flows clear enough… or what they do how they react with bubble or should be set up.

See this
and then you run a bulk action on the list. I already did it on this app, you can see the result.

What you’re trying to achieve is very advanced and uncommon, so you can’t really expect documentation on this. However, if you need to understand API workflows, the reference is probably the best way.

and for bulk actions

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I was working in the completely wrong area of Bubble and did not even see “API Workflows” under the main menu…

That solves every question i’ve had.

Thank you.

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