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Image loading is very slow


I am building an application that allows users to tag custom labels on top of images.
The images are taken from the logged-in user’s Google Drive using its APIs, and they are downloaded to bubble on the navigation to the relevant page.

I am having some performance issues regarding this, download of the image is taking about 800ms, but afterward, bubble save it in their file manager, and only then it is being uploaded to the page. The page load time is 5-8 secs.

I tried to use some primitive cache mechanism, in which I first only download the image to bubble on page load, and the image data source is defined as a DB element instead of an API connector one. This causes the page to load a bit faster 3-4 secs. But it also causes some inconsistencies in my applications, for example when the image is trying to be loaded but the data isn’t saved yet in the DB an error will be popped.

Is it possible to make an element to wait till a specific workflow is done? How do you suggest doing it?

Do you have other ideas for implementing such a cache mechanism in a different way?
How do you suggest doing it?

Thanks in advance

Need this too. Did you ever find a solution?

I’d hide the element with the image and then I’d make it visible when the image has been successfully saved in the database.