Image sources show app name instead of reference to Bubble CDN

I have 2 different images in my app that seem to have different types of sources if I click on them with the Inspect tool.

1. The first image has a source that is a link with my app name. Example:

2. The second image has a source that refers to the Bubble CDN. Example:

Why could the URLs of the sources be different? Because of a different upload method?

The underlying reason why I am asking this is because the first image does not show consistently to users, it seems to be only shown to Admin users… So I want to get rid of the first type and switch everything to the second type of source.

Upon further investigation it seems to be due to the “Make this file private” being checked on some image uploaders and not on others:

Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 10.52.32

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