Image uploader size limit

Hello Bubblers,

What is the max size of picture using the image uploader? My app recently keep having error 413-Request entity too large.

I also read accross the forum that image uploaded is stored on AWS server with 50GB limitation. Where can I monitor this from the platform?

Any helps is kindly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Hey @Racuntech,

If I’m correct, the default max size for uploaded images and files is 50Mb.

Nevertheless, as per the error message, I think this error comes from Integromat, they probably not accept files larger than xxx Mb.

I would advise to ask the limit to the Integromat community. Then, in order to match the integromat requirement in term of file size, you can use an image reducer (lot of plugin for this purpose, I would strongly recommand ImagePro, awesome) or use the file uploader component and you can set manually the max size in the component settings.

In the debugger component, you have access to the whole list of uploaded files (Bubble storage), it could help. If you use your own S3 storage service, they (probably) provide a dashboard for monitoring.

Hope this helps!


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The link provides info regarding Integromat’s files limitation : Working with files – Integromat Support.

So it depends on your plan.

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