Image went out from parent group - how to prevent it?


Actually I’m playing around this task all day - is it possible?

The target is to set header with fixed image (as background) - brick wall, in some bricks place a buttons and keep it placed in a fixed manner, but allow this wall to grow up in width based on screen width.

There were attempts to use different container alignments, now I’m using fixed group where I placed image as a background, set it with fixed width and height (higher then parent group) and i found that this image is oversizing parent group. (yes, I know that will not reach the target this way, it’s the only step of try)

It was strange - I tried different parent containers alignment - nothing.

in editor looks good

on page preview it’s oversizing and went out from parent element

image itself

preview link

Any idea how to prevent such thing? Or how to realize my target?

Will be glad to hear any ideas.
Thanks in advance !

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