Images as Radial Buttons?

Is it possible to have a radial button like experience but using images or styled buttons instead of the radial dots?

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What you want to use here is probably a repeating group and display the images in the rep group

Can this be a toggle/radial so someone can select between multiple options to change the filtering of a list below? Or would that need to be accomplished with workflows for each button? The challenge for me is that right now the radial is dynamic so the number of options changes - I am just trying to make them look better than the default radial buttons. thanks.

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You probably need to have a workflow when the user clicks on each image, using the current cell’s thing. The number of entries shouldn’t be an issue, both for the radio buttons and the repeating group (esp if you use the fixed cells layout)

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I’m interested in some more detail around understanding a solution to this, I have the same query myself. I have three buttons, I would like the user to select one of three and I would like the selected button to change colour once selected. Two questions:

  1. Can I use buttons like radio buttons where the user can make a selection of any number of options
  2. Can I use conditions to change the colour of the selected button permanently, or until another button has been selected.

Hi @LarryV, Did you have any luck with this?

Thanks, CT

Yes, you can use buttons (or icons, or Material Icons, or Images) to accomplish this. You’d use conditions to change the colors (or icon, or image) when that element was clicked.

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Brilliant, thank you @andrewgassen. Great example here also