Images links are not working

Hi everyone,

a very strange behavior is going on with my app, all images are not showing outside my app.

So when these images are shown in a repeating group they are visible within my app, but when I use this image in an html e-mail or even when I go to the file manager it doesn’t appear “the URL is broken”

here is an example of one of the images :
The broken link:

a screenshot of the file manager:

The link is working fine for me…

can you send me a screenshot from your end please

Ok this is the image, but the link show on your browser is different check the following screenshot of your browser and the link I sent:

the one created on your browser is not even the one I just sent on this thread :frowning:

the one created on your browser is not even the one I just sent on this thread

That’s the same URL, just with URL encoding on the brackets… ( = %28 and ) = %29

I think it’s just this forum that de-encodes the brackets when you post a link into it (the actual URL still contains the percent-encoded characters).

I’m not sure if that’s got anything do with your issue though…

Although the URL in your image above is not correct… it doesn’t contain https:// which is probably why it’s not decoding the brackets (as your browser doesn’t recognise it as a URL)…

In any case, you need to include https:// in the URL

I did all that, the https://, the same exact link as you have within your browser, and yet the same issue :

I don’t know then… could it be a cache issue?

Have you tried it incognito? Or on another browser?..

Yes I did, both incognito and Edge browser :sob: and it is the same issue