Imagine the Bubble Forum as an ideal Knowledge Management System: How would it be different …?

hi Bubblers

was thinking about knowledge management and what that could potentially look like within our specific context… and it just occurred to me that the Bubble manual & forum are a good case in point. finding relevant/accurate/helpful answers isn’t always easy (unless you’ve combed through every thread and have either a photographic memory or a really good ‘system’…).

does anyone want to share how they handle knowledge mgmt of info on the forum…? (bookmarking alone seems insufficient)

or perhaps The Real Question: if the Bubble Forum had been explicitly conceived of and set up as a Knowledge Management System, what would it have that it doesn’t have now / how would it be different …?

thanks in advance : )

Hi @kunigunda,

Great thoughts here – I personally just bookmark useful things on the forum, but I do agree that it is hard at times to find the exact thing you’re looking for (i.e., to see if it’s been asked before) on the forum, which results in duplicate posts.

I’m curious to hear @mikeloc’s thoughts, I imagine he has a system in place to search the forum!

I think for the manual, Bubble should leverage GitBook’s new AI feature.

Wait, you mean you all aren’t out here doing this?

It’s all in my head, Johnny. :wink:

Truth be told, the forum’s search feature isn’t that bad, and between it and simply doing a Google search with bubble dot io at the beginning of it, it is pretty rare for me to not be able to find what I am looking for out here.


hmmm, so Google is the secret ingredient…

Bubble Forum + Google = Ideal Knowledge Management System

well that’s depressing : (

Well, vector DB might also be relevant… to some extent that’s how Google works.

Honestly all it needs is just a capable LLM like GPT4 to learn from all of the forum posts.

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am a simpleton so was thinking more along the lines of tags/tagging which align/link explicitly to manual topics and nested tags so that that ‘Golden Rules’ thread with all its condensed knowledge could tag each point separately