Imgix with multifile uploader

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Thanks everyone here for being a great support. I am finding so much helpful information throughout this forum.

I have a webapp where users can create listings (similar to AirBnB). And I have a couple of issues that I am struggling with.

1st. thing is I would like them to use the multifile uploader (actually using the better uploader BDK) - to upload the images for their listing. Once they are uploaded I would like to display them on their listing page using the imgix processing “resize to fit to dimensions” - However this is causing some issues as the multifile uploader uploads the images as files, rather than images - I am able to show the images through the “URL’s” But cannot use imgix on them then… Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?

2nd - Secondly I would like them to be able to edit their list of images for a listing - but not sure how to do that using the “better uploader” again as when I try to set the “initial value” to that of the listings images I get the error saying “Can’t create file group”. Is there a way to recall the images that the user already added to the listing, and edit those through the better uploader?

Hope anyone might be able to help out - Happy to provide some more details, or give access to the base if that makes it easier.

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