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ImpactSeeker - Tripadvisor for Startups

I just released the beta version of what I’ve been working on

The problem it seeks to address is a way for a startup’s supporters to help it beyond just by giving dollars. It does this by allowing them to rate, add articles/videos and share. For each of these actions points are awarded so you can be recognized as the leader of a startup/theme/industry/overall.

For startups it seeks to help them find supporters and backers/investors.

Bubble was perfect for this as our goal is to get the beta up quick and start validating more vs interviews that we’ve done.

I’ve been learning and working on it via bubble for 4 months - full time and I have 2 cofounders who are non bubble. The site has some pretty cool integrations with gravatar api that I made public. It also has a neat api for extracting website info such as title/description/logo for startups that are added - works maybe 60-70% of the time. Integrated with Facebook login. Optimizing for mobile responsiveness was the biggest challenge - target was my iphone 5. Doing the testing was and is very painful - as bugs are still being squished - let me know when you spot any :slight_smile:

I’m very thankful to the bubble community and have tried to help out others where I could.

Happy to put the made by bubble logo on the site and it has a special section for any bubble startup that wants to be added to the theme - Made with

Best, John

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