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Impartial view on Canvas Template please

I am hoping i can get some impartial views from anyone who has used AirDev Canvas template.

I’ve bought the premium version and started by adding the first element to my app which was the Admin Pages Side Menu. I have found it quite difficult to work with it/navigate it’s elements. It is re-usable already or do i need to make it reusable so it syncs accross all of my pages?

it has many collapsable hidden elements that i may not use (which seems to go against the advice on performance of not having unused elements on a page to avoid performance issues) and i wonder if it would be better long term if i took the pain of creating these element myself for better long term performance.

Any thoughts please?

Hi Richard, I’m considering using it too. What are your experiences, after nearly a year?

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Hi @andrew36,

I abandoned it. At the time (i can’t comment on how it is now as i haven’t looked at it for nearly a year) i felt it was very difficult to use, i personally felt that there was just as much work adjusting the canvas template as there would be creating the elements in Bubble. I also didn’t like the one page app system, my app is too big for that. Finally, Bubble itself was so slow. As i mentioned, things may have changed so this is a year old opinion. I created my app with a different no code builder.

sorry i can’t be more helpful.

That’s a shame to hear. What was your level of experience? Very new to Bubble?

I think it’s improved since you tried it, not least with the new responsive engine. I’ll use Canvas I think - it seems to be very good at what it does. Limiting in terms of customisability, but that’s the trade-off.

Thanks for the help!