Implementation of multi-category search in CheckBox

I would like to know how to implement this issue.

What I want to do: In the search function, when multiple checkboxes are checked, I want to apply multiple filters from the Data Source and display them in the Repeating Group.
Problem: The search button is separate from the search trigger, and when the button is pressed, the workflows are filtered for the checked items, but currently the number of checkboxes is set one by one.
Also, I’m having trouble understanding how to search for multiple checks.

Thank you for your help.

Hi – here is an approach you can try…

  • Use workflows and custom states for users to select/deselect checks. Check out @romanmg video:

  • Use an advanced filter and “intersect with” to search based on multiple checked items. See this entry: Searching using multi dropdown - possible/alternative? Incompatible type (This assumes you are searching a “list” based on a “list”. If you are not (for example, a user selects and searches based on multiple subject tags, but each database entry only has one subject tag) then you can do that directly in the “do a search for” panel and avoid an advanced filter. )

  • If you want the search to happen only when the “search” button is pressed, then set up an additional custom state which is what you’re actually searching on. When “search” is pressed, use a workflow to set the value of that custom state to equal the custom state that holds the checked items.

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