Implementing Automated Missed Check-in Detection Feature in

Hello Community,
I am currently developing a time management and tracking application on aimed at helping users efficiently manage their work hours. As part of our feature set, we are looking to implement an automated system to detect missed check-ins and notify users accordingly.

About Our Application:

Database Structure: We maintain a Timesheet table with fields User, Clock_in, and Clock_out.


Automated Detection: We need to set up a backend workflow that, if a user fails to check in by a specified time daily (e.g., 12:00 PM), triggers the creation of a record indicating a missed check-in.

• ** new section will display :** Upon the next login, the system should display a message to the user informing them of the missed check-in on the respective date. which will let them to apply for on duty nad request leaves

Weekend Exclusion: The workflow should skip execution on weekends to align with our operational needs.

Seeking Guidance On:

• How to efficiently set up the backend workflow in to achieve the automated detection and notification process.

• Best practices or recommended approaches for handling scheduled workflows and conditional logic to exclude weekends.

Any insights, tips, or examples related to similar implementations in would be greatly appreciated.