Implementing Notification and Options for Missed Check-Ins in

I am working on a time management application and need help implementing a feature where users are notified if they forget to check in the previous day. Here’s a brief overview of my database structure: @boston85719 @Zeroic

Time Sheet Table:

•	break_duration
•	clock_in
•	clock_out
•	missed_check_in_time
•	rel_breaks
•	rel_user
•	total_hours

Leaves Request Table:

•	end_date
•	reason
•	rel_user
•	start_date
•	type

If a user forgets to check in on a specific day (e.g., 2024-12-02), they should receive a notification saying, “You missed checking in on 2024-12-02.” They should then have two options:

1.	Request Leave: Updates the timesheet to count the day as leave.
2.	Apply On Duty: Updates the check-in and check-out times for that day.

How can I effectively implement this feature using’s API workflows? Any suggestions or best practices would be greatly appreciated.

Hey! Sure, happy to help :slight_smile:

Feel free to schedule a quick 15-minute call with me here so that I can understand the logic and guide you with this.