Implementing Private Annotation and Export Feature for Registered Users on a Blog Website

I own a blog website where access to published blog posts requires user registration or login.

To enhance user engagement, I want to implement a unique feature that allows registered users to ‘Highlight,’ ‘Draw,’ and ‘Add Notes’ to the blog posts they read. Additionally, I want users to have the ability to export these annotated notes for their personal use.

However, it’s crucial that these changes and annotations remain private and accessible only to the user who made them. Other visitors should not be able to see these modifications. How can I achieve this functionality on my website?

Hello there! You can achieve this by following two steps:

  1. Set the source of the “Annotation element” to the “current user,” so that each user will see their own “Annotation” when loading the page.
  2. Establish privacy rules in the data tab to display the annotation data only when the user matches the “current user.” Others will not have access to view it.

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