Implementing Telr (payments in UAE/Dubai and Asia)

Hey all

After the sudden cancellation of the Payfort Start service, we’re working to implement the payment gateway Telr instead. They support payments in UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia and Pakistan. See for more information.

The great @romanmg is helping us out, as she did last time. If anyone else need payments in this part of the world, let me know and we can split the cost.



this is what i’ve made so far click here however i’m still not able to make function able and link it with telr and with our company bank accout.

please assist

I would recommend sharing what you did in the editor, with some screenshots, otherwise it’s hard for the community to help.

i’m not the one who made the thread, i’m the one who replied, i need also to implement telr with what i have made with bubble and link it with my bank account

this is what i made with bubble so

however as i mentioned earlier i don’t know how to make it function and link front end with back end with banks and payment gateaways, most important thing how to embed it in my website :confused: