Import data into a table using the Data API

I am conducting a test of importing a single row into the table Job_Requests using Bubble POST API. I am using the Advanced Rest client application to conduct this test.

Request URL:

Header: Content-Type: text/plan

Body: {“UUID”: “1b”, “CallRef”: “1”}


When I submit the request, I retrieve the message below:

{“status”:“error”,“message”:“Permission denied: cannot create this object”}

What am I doing wrong?

Do I need to pass the Authorisation token? If so how do I do this?

Check the privacy rules in the data tab?

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Thanks, this solved the issue.

Do you need to apply a Privacy Rule for each table in my Bubble app?

I am seeing this. Is there some particular rule i should have in place?

Thanks for reviving a 2-year old thread. I’m glad that I am consistent, spreading the privacy rules gospel. :smirk:

Here are the screens you need to look at:

And then, Privacy rules

Without me changing anything bubble decided the record was fine. :man_facepalming: it only took an hour of waiting

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