Import Excel to RG

Hello everyone,

I need again your help.
I have created a RG and i need to let the user import with excel or Csv the data.

I have tried to use csv uploader but i dont suceed to achieve my goal.

Can you Help me ?

Thanks in advance !

CSV Uploader plugin by Eli would be your best bet. It just needs the proper setup in the backend

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hello @tylerboodman ,

thanks for your answer.
the plugin seems to be great but what an adventure to make it work ! do you have time in a day of this week to discuss on teams to show me how to do what i want properly?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Were you having issues with it actually uploading the CSV? Or what kind of issues were you having?

i can upload the csv but i dont suceed to import data where i want and then to display it.
as you said in your first message i certainly dont have the proper setup in the backend.


i have one repeating group with 10 column.
i have one header group ( upper the RG), where i give the possibility for the user to upload his CSV.

My goal:
when the user clicks on this button, he chooses his file and confirm.
then the RG has to show the data download.

My Ultime Goal :
I would like to let the possibility to the user to add new column in the RG.
And then to download a file with more data.

if the plugin can do that, please show me how :slight_smile:
i will pay you a bottle if you come in france :slight_smile:

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