Import list of things from Airtable plugin


I’m using bubble’s Airtable plug in. When my Airtable base field is “single line text” with a URL to single image, I can successfully import this into bubble as a text field and display the image in an Image element.

I want to import a list of images. I’ve managed to do this by creating an Attachment field in bubble containing the images themselves which imports as a list of attachments, and I can select “item #” when entering dynamic data in the image element.

I would like to store the images as URLs of an image, so my question is how can I import text as a list from bubble? For example something I tried was’, ‘

[‘’, ‘’]

But it sees it as a single text entry.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I think I just asked a similar question. :unamused: that you didn’t receive an answer. Hopefully one of will. Usually the forum is full of very helpful experts. :grinning: