Import public listings from other website

I want to import public flat listings from third-party websites to my bubble app. Does anyone have experience with a good API or service for that? (don’t want to code this myself…)

That really depends on the specific types of listings you are looking for

Flat listings from 1-2 websites. So basically some text and a few images. I want my user to be able to post their flats on my page with just a few clicks after they have published it on one of the more common flat platforms here in Switzerland.

So just one listing at a time.

2 ways to do this

If this website offers an API, you can set up calls to that API from bubble to pull the data and show it on your site. This is usually not free. And all listing websites don’t offer this.

Alternatively you can do some web scraping to get this data. To be honest I haven’t done much web scraping on Bubble, so I can’t speak from experience, but you can do this by running custom Javascript scripts from Bubble.

Try using the toolbox plugin to add javascript execution from workflow actions in Bubble or use a Bubble plugin for web scraping.
I’d recommend a custom script.

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I found as scraping service. Has anyone experience with that? Any better alternatives?