Import stuck last 5 seconds

Good morning all,

My import is getting stuck in the last 5 seconds. I am importing 10000 records and do not want to cancel. Can anyone help?

Hey there @orcaintelligence,

How long have you waited 10,000 records is quite a bit so it might take a while…

10 hours.

I wonder if your browser logs any errors to the console? Have you checked that?

Good idea. Its funny I woke up thinking I should check the browser. Synergy…:slight_smile:

That worked. All imported now.

Hey @orcaintelligence, I keep having the same problem… How did you solve this in the end?

My apologies for the delay. I moved to an incognito window and it worked fine. My browser was caching.

Thanks! It’s great that worked for you - I’m not that lucky :sweat_smile: