Import table from excel

Hi there, can we import excel table with formulas to bubble app, or we have to insert every cell? Thank you :pray:

You will need to convert the excel file into a .csv, since you’re using Portuguese as a language, make sure you save it as “Unicode (UTF-8)”. Then you can upload into Bubble directly, after you map the fields.

Regarding the formulas, based on my limited knowledge, I don’t see a way on how you can import them together with the data. However, there is a not-free plugin called “Formalize - Excel Formula” that might help you to use those formulas once the data is in Bubble.

By the way, make sure to ‘redesign’ the way your spreadsheet looks right now, regarding to the headers and others fields. You should have only the column headers and rows you’re intended to use.

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Thank you very much!! Regards

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