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Import Users with CSV


I’m trying to figure out how to allow users to import team members via CSV. The issue is the workflow action to upload CSV as data, the User data type is not available to create users.

I’m assuming I’d need to upload the CSV as a normal file, then process it put that into a custom state of users (list) then create accounts for each user?

I had a look into the plugins and couldn’t find anything that might suit, forum search also doesn’t turn anything up recent.

Any tips/direction would be great.



  1. Create a temporal data type (like “Temp User”).
  2. Create Temp Users out of the CSV.
  3. Run workflow on the Temp Users with the action “create account for someone else”. If the list of Temp Users is big - run a recursive workflow.

This is the direction. I might missed some details.

What do you mean by temporary data type? Are you saying create a new temp user data type that the CSV populates, then create the users and empty that data type?