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Hi everyone,

I admit this is a great place to develop apps both web and mobile. I tried building very simple apps by following paid tutorials elsewhere and it works! Although this is good enough for beginners like me, I plan to create high fidelity prototypes later in axure and then importing the app designs made in axure to I cant find the the steps to do it. I would highly appreciate if anyone shows me and other future bubble developers who might be in the same boat with me. Thanks for those who took time to read my question and try to help me.

You can’t import Axure into Bubble.

You can prototype directly in Bubble, however. And then you have something that can actually work.

I see. Thanks for the answer. I know that I can directly create the app in bubble using drag and drop. But has limited features in design. I am looking for high quality prototypers that can be imported to Since you said I cannot import axure prototype to, in your opinion, what are other high quality prototypers that can export their work to bubble?

I am not sure what you mean by “high quality prototypers” as Bubble is quite capable of creating a wide variety of website.

If there is something you can do in Axure that you can’t do in Bubble, then I am not sure why you would import it into Bubble in the first place.

Bubble has no import function anyway at the moment. Although I can see it might be very useful.

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