Importing data (via CSV) with multiple criteria

Hi all,

Before I embark on a lengthy (albeit a one time only) process of importing game results for a particular sports league I’m creating a site for, is there a method for importing a CSV file which for specific columns uses multiple criteria to determine the linked value from another table?


I have tables for:

  • Clubs
  • Teams
  • Games

Each club has multiple teams but of differing divisions (mens, womens, colts, etc). Each team for a club has the same name. So, when I enter a game in which has “team 1” and “team 2” I need to be able to search for the record in the teams table for the team that is associated with the division (all via CSV import).

My fallback process is to create the games in the DB via import, export them and plug in the unique IDs of the teams with some creative vlookups/indexes in excel to match the data up. This is a one off process, a form will be used from this point onwards but still, it would be nice if there were a method to use multiple criteria to do this kind of importing. Or, is there a better way to structure the DB to handle this…I’ll have players to put in, too and they will be able to be rostered for multiple teams within a club.

Cheers for your help and/or ideas.

Currently trying to understand and find the best way to do this (uploading relational database via CSV).
we’re talking about it here: Bulk update data via upload

Basically: prepare your csv properly, upload (super long) then create relationships between tables via API workflows (I still have to make it work)

unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there is an easy way to do this.