Importing design from Figma

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to import a template from Figma.
I compartmented my document into different ones as I understand that it has to be a small file but it’s not even trying to upload it.

I created one token, it says that it’s not even used. I tried creating another one, it’s not changing anything.


I’m new to Figma so my doc is still a draft. See below.

Any idea?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @josephinedeclerck,

You can try closing the editor and going back into it. Other than that you could try a ‘hard refresh’ on the browser to see if that gets rid of the network issue.

In my experience though, the Figma integration that Bubble has is completely useless. It creates shapes instead of groups, misaligns everything, and just isn’t a polished feature.

With that said, sorry that I can’t provide enough help here.

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