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Importing Large Amounts Of Data

I’ve got to import a large list of data.

I have never had a problem importing this before but now every time I try and import it gets about 1000-2000 entries (of 40,000) and the browser crashes and you get the “Ah Snap” message…

Is there a trick or a plugin that can be used to better import the data so that each time it needs to be updated I don’t need to break it up into blocks of 500? It is very time consuming.

It also wasn’t like this in the past. I am wondering if something changed on the server??


We got the same issue… download a 10000 entries (small file of 17kb) take 3 seconds in Bubble using the download input. It take like more than 5 hours to pass within the database Upload button… Any advice @emmanuel ? Can we expect faster response directly accessing the API entry? Any development on that side? Thanks.

Unfortunately uploading data takes time and needs to be done conservatively as it could take down the system. That’s the kind of things we can make less strict on a dedicated plan though.


But why does it break though?

If I could just run the import, on another computer in the office, even if overnight that would be fine.

The way it is now it’s virtually impossible to get anything loaded over 2000 entries without the browser breaking for some reason and with my system needing data updates on the regular this is going to be a challenge.

Personally, I don’t mind the slowness… I mind that I can’t get things to import without breaking the page/browser. It wasn’t like this before and just took overnight to import and that was fine for me.


One thing I just thought of @emmanuel is the way that Shopify or Bigcommerce allow you to import hundreds of thousands of products.

With these platforms, the system asks you to select a file, upload and map the fields accordingly, and when you hit ‘import’ the system then does it’s thing and advises the users that they will receive an email once the import is complete.

There is also a small status icon that spins showing the % of import completed.

This would allow the users to import any size file and have it import over any amount of time.

At least the import would be done and wouldn’t be so troublesome for the user.


This is a great point. If a queue up upload requests could be built up in some way and then during traditional Bubble down times the uploads could be processed it might be easier all around. Food for thought.

Well that’s a feature request. We’ll have that on our wish list, but can’t commit on a timeline for this.


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